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November 10th, 2016 by J

Oral fun in the office!

While the news about Gilmore Girls making a comeback has got every fan excited, the more they will anticipate Lauren Graham’s hot motherly figure on the show when they watch this naughty leaked sex tape. Especially for those pervs who jack off to their friend’s mom, seeing Graham give head and get her hairy cunt eaten while she lies down on a table will give them more reason to stay locked in their bedrooms and prepare a second box of Kleenex.

Busty Lauren Graham in wild office sex

June 24th, 2016 by J

Lauren Graham is not just a badass mother in the TV series Gilmore Girls, she’s also one hell of a badass fucker even at work. But we are not referring to her job, we’re actually talking about another kind of job, which she enjoys doing to a naughty co-worker when they are left alone in her room. Blowing his big dick and sticking it inside her pussy while they fuck rough on the table is one of her favorite coffee breaks. Graham says the smell of sex gives her more energy to stay awake after each quickie she does with any of her colleagues and she likes these done almost everyday.

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May 4th, 2010 by LimaBean

Wow, look at this one hot momma! Here’s a MILF that lives by the rule that natural body is better. There is nothing fake about her. Notice Lauren Graham’s tits…they are juicy and tender and at her age you’d expect them to sag but amazingly enough they defy the law of gravity. There is nothing fake about this lusty fox, just as there is nothing fake about the boner I’m having right now just looking at Lauren Graham’s naked pictures.

Her sweet succulent pussy already had me, but when I spotted these pictures of Lauren Graham squirting….holy shit that’s when shit got real. How can you sit there looking at this dirty vixen’s legs spread apart while shooting her love juice at you without wanting to fuck the first thing with a pussy that moves? I know that you can’t handle these Lauren Graham naked pictures right now and that’s ok ‘coz you’re not the only one. More of Lauren Graham squirting for your viewing pleasure over in this site!

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August 6th, 2009 by LimaBean

Lauren Graham is a  goddess in Hollywood. She simply is! What with those hot, perky tits, that firm, well-toned ass, and her long silk legs, what horndog in his right mind would pass up the chance to get her in bed and bang her until his dick falls off? Crazy, that’s what! Because when you have the opportunity to have sex with no other than Lauren Graham, you slap yourself in the face and check if you’re just hallucinating, because it is simply a dream come true – which we know wouldn’t happen, because we are mere humans and she is a sex goddess!

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August 6th, 2009 by LimaBean

Lauren Graham has to be one of the hottest actresses in the industry today – in more ways than one. Aside from being an effortless head turner at awards shows, on the red carpet, and at parties, Lauren Graham’s career is simply on fire! Of course, everybody knows that she’s the star of the Emmy-nominated TV series, Gilmore Girls, and in that series, she is simply the one to watch! With a face of an angel, the body of a model, and an acting prowess approximating that of Julia Roberts, Lauren Graham is simply on a league of her own!

But if you think that Lauren Graham is too good to be true, you are right! She is not a goody-two-shoes kind of girl. In fact, we have been fortunate enough to witness her naughty side! Oh yes, photos of Lauren Graham posing completely in the buff have circulated in the internet and we have them here for you! Just look at those bouncing tits, that firm, well-toned ass, and that pussy that’s so tight, it can probably open a can of salsa! Spicy! So if you are just tired of admiring Lauren Graham’s beauty and talent and just want to see her naughty side, click here! Don’t pass up the chance of seeing photos of Lauren Graham’s tits and pussy!

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August 6th, 2009 by LimaBean

Lauren Graham is simply one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood today. Her role in the hit TV series, Gilmore Girls, earned her an Emmy nomination and right now, she is at the top of her acting career. Lauren Graham is really one of a kind. Since most of the beautiful women in Hollywood couldn’t even act to save their lives, Lauren Graham simply stands out as the beautiful girl who can act. She’s got the whole package!

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